Dear RbC family,

Don’t forget, this Sunday we move to two services at RbC. Thanks for helping to make room at the table for our friends to see, hear, and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In case you were wondering, below are some answers to a few frequently asked questions.

In Christ,
Pastor Matt


What times are the services?

  • The service times are 9:30am and 11:00am at 600 Waddell Street Lexington, VA

Are both services exactly the same?

  • Yes, both services will have the same structure and content. One Church - Two gatherings.

Are both kids' services the same?

  • The curriculum will be the same. However, a different activity will be available to children who are in kids' church for both services.

Do I need to pick up and drop back off my children if we are serving and/or attending both services?

  • Yes. Please pick up your children in between the services and re-drop them off. If any of your children are staying for both services, please make sure that they keep their stickers! This will allow our teachers to turn over the classrooms and prepare the space for the next service.

If I go to VMI, when is the bus coming to post?

  • The bus will be at post at 10:45am to transport you to the 2nd service.

Where do I park if I’m serving in one of the services and attending the other?

  • Please park in the upper 40 lot (the bus lot closest to the pool) or the lower trailer lot by the track if you plan on attending both services. This will allow for our guests to find parking closer to the front entrances.

Will there be coffee?

  • Yes. Never fear, there will still be coffee available!